Fuori Serving Trolley
푸오리 서빙 트롤리
헌터그린 (1560507)

  • 1,115,000원
  • 적립금 11,100원 (1%)
  • The Fuori collection is a mix of luxury and institutionalism in a harmonious approach. The powder coated aluminium makes the Fuori Serving Trolley light and architectonic in its structure, carried out by round profiles and clean lines. Over time, the teak patinates with a silver-grey glow that gives the trolley a new visual expression.

  • P0000PPR
  • 892,000원 (최대 223,000원 할인)
  • W75x D48 x H76 cm
  • Teak FSC™ 100% Aluminum

Ball Clock George Nelson
볼 클락 멀티컬러 (20125003)
6월 중순 입고예정

  • 475,000원
  • vitra.
  • 적립금 4,700원 (1%)
  • 비트라 오리지널, 조지 넬슨 시계 컬렉션

  • P0000PSH
  • 380,000원 (최대 95,000원 할인)
  • Ø33 cm
  • various woods and metals

PC Portable
피씨 포터블 더스티 레드
(410431 6009000)
주문 후 3개월 소요

  • 120,000원
  • HAY
  • 적립금 1,200원 (1%)
  • Pierre Charpin’s PC Portable Lamp is a refined and portable freestanding lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed in robust plastic and featuring a matte scratch- and water- resistant finish, its battery-powered design gives the freedom and flexibility to move it anywhere. The light source is hidden from view by a polycarbonate diffuser, available with both downlight and ambient output options, depending on the desired use. The PC Portable Lamps are available in a variety of colour variants and are ideal for table lighting in domestic environments, as well as at cafés, restaurants and other public areas.

  • P0000QCL
  • 96,000원 (최대 24,000원 할인)
  • W14 x D14 x H22 cm
  • ABS PP

Primula Oval Vase
Clear 2sizes(4340398/4340400)

  • 80,000원
  • 적립금 800원 (1%)
  • The Primula range, consists of beautiful mouth-blown glass vases with a simple, sophisticated design. The oval Primula vase is inspired by the original vase, but has been renewed and restyled in line with today’s fashion. This is the clear, mouth-blown glass oval vase, adding edge to the ribbed vase. Add twigs or flowers to create a perfect combination for the dinner table that will grace any modern home. The vase measures 12.5 cm, so it can either stand alone or be combined with other Primula vases from the same range.

  • P0000OMD
  • 64,000원 (최대 16,000원 할인)
  • H 12.5/ 17.5 cm
  • Mouth-blown glass