RW Tote bag
2 colors(400695, 400696)

  • 34,000원
  • HAY
  • 적립금 300원 (1%)
  • Tote Bags made from printed cotton based on the colourful patterns from the designer.
  • P0000JJZ
  • W37 x H42 cm
  • Cotton

Grow greenhouse small

  • 48,000원
  • Design House Stockholm
  • 적립금 400원 (1%)
  • A greenhouse for nature's smallest flowers, and a nursery for the plant's first stages of life. Caroline Wetterling's Grow is made of two glass parts. The bottom part holds the soil and the plant. The top part is a lid equipped with a spout, allowing it to be used as a watering can. It also functions as a valve that lets in air and regulates the moisture and temperature levels inside the greenhouse. Grow is made of hand-made glass.
  • P0000KDD
  • Ø 8 cm, H 14 cm
  • Clear handmade glass

Organizers 3- pack (3 colors)

  • 80,000원
  • String
  • 적립금 800원 (1%)
  • The organizers by String are the perfect complement to your String shelving and ideal for a well-organized home or office. They are easy to attach to the floor or wall panels of the String system.
  • P0000KCG
  • Small 7x9x12 cm
    Medium 7,5x12x8 cm
    Large 8x19,8x 8 cm
  • Plastic

Cabinet Color

  • 480,000원
  • String
  • 적립금 4,800원 (1%)
  • P0000BSG
  • W 78 x D 30 x H 42 CM
  • Lacquered MDF, Laminated Woods
    (고강도MDF, 무늬목)